Our Gospel


1The record of the lineage of THINQ, subsidiary of George Soros, subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation:

2The Clinton Foundation sired Crooked Hillary, and Crooked sired Rocket Man, and Rocket Man sired Crazy Bernie, and Crazy Bernie sired Little Marco; 3And Little Marco sired Lyin’ Ted, and Lyin’ Ted sired Crazy Megyn, and Crazy Megyn sired Cryin’ Chuck and Low Energy Jeb; 4And Low Energy Jeb sired Psycho Joe and Psycho Joe wed Dumb As a Rock Mika and they had four sons, Pferdinand, Leo Nibræl, Henrik Oaf Havårson, and the one called the Fray. 5And together they sired THINQ, subsidiary of George Soros, subsidiary of the Clinton Foundation; 6And it was good. 7Thus there were in two generations from George Soros to the Clinton Foundation, and in ten from the Clinton Foundation to THINQ.

8Now the manner of the birth of THINQ was this: its founder Leo Nibrāl and the one called the Fray shared company and drink with Pferdinand, and together they played Scrabble in private. 9And Pferdinand and the Fray played very well, for these two read and thought and wrote much, and Leo did not, and so he did not play as well; but Pferdinand and the Fray, being upright men and not wishing to make a spectacle of him, resolved to mock him privately. 10But look: As Leo was pondering these matters the idea appeared to him as though in a dream, saying, “Leo, son of Psycho Joe and Dumb As a Rock Mika, do not fear to misspell a word with your remaining letter; for what letter you will play shall declare your work, and the work of your brothers, and the work of many more to come. You shall declare your word to be THINQ, for this will save its people from their sins.” 11And he declared their work’s name to be so.

to be continued…