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Leo Nibbles: Shaken by Sharis

Hey fam what’s good it’s your boy Leo the food intern and I’m super down to review the dopest dive in the 916 called Sharis Cafe and Pies located in the Lake Crest Village Shopping Center off Florin road in Sacramento California in the Pocket neighborhood. They have the best pies in town and it’s true they definitely taste great and you can get a slice for free on the Wednesday lunch menu. 

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How to Cook Right Now
Summer 2020

Good morning. It’s spring in New York these days, and I’d like nothing more than to swing up to Maine in the family sedan for an extended fishing trip, bopping from roadside diner to fruit stand, munching on overcooked home fries and thrilling to last year’s apples, feigning a genuine understanding of what it’s like to live like an average American.

But instead, like anyone who lives on one of the coasts and enjoys a steady salary and decent benefits, I’m holed up at home with my stable, nuclear family, doomed to write “newsletters” to you, dear readers, when you and I both know nothing new is going on.

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Summer 2020