Leo Nibbles: Shaken by Sharis

Hey fam what’s good it’s your boy Leo the food intern and I’m super down to review the dopest dive in the 916 called Sharis Cafe and Pies located in the Lake Crest Village Shopping Center off Florin road in Sacramento California in the Pocket neighborhood. They have the best pies in town and it’s true they definitely taste great and you can get a slice for free on the Wednesday lunch menu. 

For sure they also have lots of other great eats to try. My personal favorite is hard to chose but my personal favorite is usually the appetizer sampler with a double order of cheese sticks, there are no better drunchies for sure and be blessed to get some extra ranch for the crew.

If your dining solo its not the place thats gonna judge you to hard about it so if your alone let your freak flag fly. Definitely order the trail boss burger which has a burger and bacon and egg (hold the veggies if you ask me haha).

They recently got their liquor license so its a great spot to keep the night strong with the homies and shotgun a Core’s light in the booth or a glass of red if your being classy. If your nice to the help sometimes they let you order from the kids menu but no promise on the discount which is the one thing that’s holding back a full 4-nibble review.

P.S.: about the pies, they also have pie shakes that are basically like ice-cream pie smoothies. Like the Banana Cream Dream but if your there late because it is open 24 hours including Christmas just know that sometimes the cops eat there so don’t make a scene if you don’t have to.

All in all I love Sharis Cafe and Pies located in the Lake Crest Village Shopping Center. I also love being the food intern at Thinq Food & Dranq and I just want to give a shout out the my homeboy Tommy Fissan, whose been super chill about the extensions and definitely an all around g.

I proudly give Sharis 3 out of 4 nibbles.

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Leo’s Score: 3/4

Shari’s Cafe & Pies
960 Florin Road
Sacramento, CA 95831
Open 24/7

$$, increasingly bougie

Noise level
moderate to lit

Recommended dishes
appetizer sampler w/ double cheese sticks
Trail Boss Burger
Banana Cream Dream pie shake


Wheelchair access
expected during brunch

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