TBOTTSC: “She unbuttoned my pants…”

Henrik Oaf Harvårson
“She unbuttoned my pants but I told her no. Instead, I threw her on the bed and entranced her, my tongue painting her body like Picasso’s brush…Only after she had come did I finally give her what she so desperately craved…”

Licking someone with a tongue like “Picasso’s brush” has to be the most disgusting foreplay imaginable.

The Fray
I relate to this kind of energy.

Shouldn’t it be “cum” not “come”

Leo Nibrãl
I think cum is the noun

Come is the verb

The Fray
Leo, shut up.

It’s being used as a verb.

You don’t even watch porn.

I know these things.

If I’m wrong, all of pornhub is too.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.


The Fray

Leo Nibrål

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